Is Bariatric Surgery Safe?

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Is Bariatric Surgery Safe?

There’s a reason so many people travel to Mexico to have bariatric surgery: It’s safe and effective. Tourism in Mexico for medical procedures continues to be a popular choice for patients from the United States and Canada. One of the many benefits of traveling to Mexico for bariatric surgery is that you can receive identical procedures at a fraction of the cost.

If you’ve never traveled to Mexico for a weight loss procedure, you may wonder if bariatric surgery is safe. ALO Bariatrics is a leader in performing the safest bariatric surgery for medical tourists.

Read more about how safe bariatric surgery is in Mexico with ALO Bariatrics.

Bariatric Surgery is Among the Safest Medical Procedures

In terms of elective procedures, bariatric surgery is considered one of the safest you can undergo. ALO Bariatrics uses the laparoscopic approach to perform most of our procedures. This method allows your surgeon to access surgical areas through a tiny incision. The operation is performed with the help of cameras and thin tools to help minimize potential complications.

While all forms of surgery have some risk associated with them, laparoscopic surgery significantly reduces the likelihood of complications. With a laparoscopic procedure, there is generally less blood and trauma to tissue, which helps facilitate a healthier patient recovery.

ALO Bariatrics uses the safest, modern techniques to perform bariatric surgeries, and our experienced caregivers make your well-being our priority. Talk with one of our representatives today to learn more about how safe bariatric surgery in Mexico can be.

Bariatric Surgery Results

Long-term patients who receive bariatric surgery in Mexico can potentially lose up to 70% of their excess weight. Most patients begin losing weight not long after the surgery. A healthy diet, exercise, and the physical changes from your procedure will help you achieve your weight loss goals.

ALO Bariatrics has an excellent record of accomplishment with proven results. Our patients come from near and far to receive safe bariatric surgery in Mexico. Surgeons located in modern facilities with years of experience and a compassionate care team are standing by, ready to help you.

Bariatric Surgery Risks

If you’re considering bariatric surgery in Mexico, you may have already asked yourself: Is bariatric surgery safe? All surgeries come with risks, and bariatric surgery is no exception. Compared to other elective surgeries, bariatric surgery is one of the safest, but it’s important to understand and recognize some potential complications if you’re considering this type of surgery.

Complications can include the following:

  • Reaction to anesthesia: Some people can have an allergic reaction to medications used in anesthesia.
  • Infection: Any surgical site carries the risk of developing an infection.
  • Bleeding: Excess bleeding can occur if damage to arteries or veins occurs.
  • Leakage: Contents of the stomach can leak out, leading to other complications.
  • Gastrointestinal Obstruction: An obstruction can form, causing a blockage in your GI tract.
  • Blood Clot: Clots can form after the surgery and travel to the lungs or heart.

You can be proactive in preventing many of these complications. A dietician from ALO Bariatrics will help you plan before and after your surgery to address the risks associated with your eating habits. Your surgeon will talk with you about the risks of the surgery and how any other health conditions may affect you.

Rest assured that the experienced team here at ALO Bariatrics will do everything to make sure your surgery is as safe as possible by keeping you well-informed.

Assessing Clinic and Surgery Team

When considering whether bariatric surgery in Mexico is safe, you should trust your care to board-certified surgeons to complete your procedure. Board-certified surgeons have added experience and specialized training with bariatric surgery and are truly experts in the field.

You’ll also want to review any testimonials from former patients. This gives you a glimpse into the real experiences of others who have gone through the same process. It’s also essential to consider the availability of a multilingual staff for effective communication before and after your surgery, especially if you’re not familiar with the local language.

ALO bariatric surgeons are some of the most well-respected providers in Mexico, with safety being the top priority for our patients. There’s no substitute for decades of experience and additional training.

Bariatric Surgery in Mexico

The same high-quality bariatric surgeries, including a gastric-sleeve procedure, can be performed at a significantly lower price in Mexico.

ALO Bariatrics operates out of three modern facilities in Mexico. All locations are also considered tourist destinations, so there’s plenty to do while you’re recovering from surgery.

You can choose which destination is best for you!

  • Tijuana: The closest location to the southern United States border and only a 30-minute drive from San Diego.
  • Puerto Vallarta: A romantic city with dense jungles, lush mountains, and a beautiful bay where whales are frequently seen.
  • Guadalajara: A metropolis known for producing tequila and its historic art center.

ALO Bariatrics offers medical tourism packages to each of these destinations. The packages are put together for your convenience and include airfare, lodging, and procedural costs (and all other costs associated with your medical needs).

Don’t hesitate to contact one of our representatives today to learn more about the bariatric procedures ALO Bariatrics offers in Mexico.

The Importance of Following the Pre-Procedure Instructions

You can take steps to increase your safety before bariatric surgery in Mexico. You will receive pre-procedure instructions tailored to your specific needs from your surgeon on how to prepare.

Between 10 and 20 days before your surgery, your dietician will have you begin the pre-procedure diet. The diet consists of high protein, low carbs, and low fat. Besides your diet, below are some common measures taken to increase your safety before surgery.

One Month Before Surgery

  • Stop taking any hormone-containing medications (oral birth control, feminine ring, patches).
  • Stop taking NSAIDS (ibuprofen, aspirin, naproxen, etc.).
  • Ask your cardiologist when to stop taking any blood thinners you’re on (warfarin, clopidogrel, apixaban, etc.).
  • Stop taking herbal supplements not approved by your dietician.

Two Weeks Before Surgery

  • Listen to your dietician about the foods you’re able to have before your surgery.
  • Continue to participate in activities, including walking and biking. Avoid higher-intensity workouts.

Two Days Before Surgery

  • Drink around 80 ounces of water daily.
  • Follow your dietician’s directions.
  • If you have a spirometer, start using it for practice.
  • Drink a bottle of Magnesium Citrate.

One Day Before Surgery

  • Only eat and drink what your dietician has instructed you to.
  • Stop taking Metformin if you’re currently taking it.

Following the advice of your care team at ALO Bariatrics is important for your health, minimizing complications from your surgery. If you have questions or concerns about the pre-procedure routine, contact one of our representatives today for more information.

Is Bariatric Surgery for You?

Does extra weight keep you from doing the things you love? Are you worried about how it’s affecting your health? Well, there’s good news. ALO Bariatrics offers a straightforward solution for effective bariatric surgery in Mexico. With ALO Bariatrics, we will help arrange every detail of your trip to Mexico. Choose from one of our three locations in beautiful Mexico and let us help you reach your weight loss goals.

The Bottom Line: What You Need to Know

With every surgery comes some degree of risk. Choosing the right surgeons, the right facility, and following the pre-procedure routine are all steps you can take to help minimize complications.

If you’re considering bariatric surgery, you’ve come to the right place, especially if you’re still unsure if bariatric surgery is safe. ALO Bariatrics has a reputation for providing effective care for patients all across the United States and Canada. Let our team of board-certified surgeons evaluate your weight loss needs and help develop and plan to get you on a plan to become a healthier version of yourself.

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