Am I a Candidate for Mini Gastric Bypass Surgery?

It is very important to follow the Post-Op diet after surgery, your stomach will go through a surgical process, so, it will be inflamed and will need recovery time to heal properly. This is a progressive diet, consisting on.

  • Clear liquids for the 1st week
  • Clear liquids for the 1st week
  • Pureed/soft food for the 3rd week
  • Progressively advance to complete diet on the 4th week
The first week after surgery you can drink some liquid protein (no powder, as the consistence is thicker and milky), one brand example of liquid protein is the liquid Isopure 0 Carb (this one is in a bottle similar to Gatorade), another brand is Unjury, it comes in powder presentation but becomes clear when mixed with water. Until the second week you can have powder protein the one you were using during your pre-op diet. *If you don’t find a clear protein for the fist week is ok if you wait until the 5th day to start taking a powder one.


Post-Op Complete Diet.

Open and download PDF file with complete Post-Op Bariatric Surgery Information. Click here to download file


We suggest you to take along some gas X strips, some packs of gauze, a roll of medical tape, pack lightly and take a comfortable pair of walking shoes. Remember to keep your fingernails trimmed or the doctors might have to trim one of the index finger nails short to accommodate checking your oxygen levels during surgery. (And at least that fingernail has to be without nail polish.)